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It doesn’t even work for me.

No fun

It’s more of a forum than a chat room and you can’t actually talk to people

Needs some fixes

Regional servers are needed. But love this app and I look forward to 4%, just needs to fix some features

Great App!

It's a really good app, but whenever I use it, my phone dies!!!

Shadow banned me?

Banned me for no particular reason without informing me. Figured it out with someone else’s phone. Hadn’t posted anything offensive, just pretended to be a robot. Lame. Posting this review with my last 1% battery

Subjects are odd

It’s a nice concept but autocorrect was disabled, letters leave the typing box, and nobody seems to care that they are dying. Except some. And the subject material is often inappropriate or breaking the guidelines. Almost no one else seems to report those things.

To everyone complain of the crashes

your phone is at 5% or less.. its going to hardly run because its literally dying.


Fun easy brilliant idea for an app ive made like 5 psp friends already

Fun but needs some improvements

The app is a bit difficult to work with but is super entertaining. Usually when I open the app I have to scroll for about 5 minutes just to see what I am typing if that could be fixed that would be great. Maybe having it scroll back down whenever you send something into the chat idk. It’s just frustrating but once you get to the conversation it’s very fun. Also plz at a report feature. Thx :)

Not great

There were so many people talking at the same time that I couldn’t actually have a conversation with anyone. Also, some people were talking in foreign languages which made it impossible for me to talk to them. I think instead of being thrown into one big chat everyone who logs on should be paired with one person who’s at the same battery percent is you. Also, you should select a language before so you can be paired with someone you can actually talk to.

Doesn’t work right

So it was alright for a little bit but once I tried to get back into the app it put me at the top of the stream of messages and I had to scroll to the most recent, but when I’d make it to the bottom it would kick me out.. I couldn’t use it.. don’t waste your money on this


It seems fun but make it 10% and under instead of five


It’s fun waiting a long time for your phone to get down to 4%. There are some people who swear a lot, racial slurs or just aren’t your language but other than that it’s fun. Suggestions: -It should be 9% not 4% so more people can use -Regional chat rooms -Profile creation -I also wouldn’t mind working as a staff for reports.. HMU

thanks jenna

saw this in a youtube video and i got it!! its super fun and i made some friends :)

Want to not die alone ???

This app is super weird and original and funny, you can make lots of new friends before you die 10/10 worth the money

Get Alive with me

Alive with me is a Much better app and more opportunities to use it. Also the creator Allen is the greatest!


I think that instead of only being able to use it at 5% it should be changed to 10%

Good App!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Had fun having sexy chats with foreigners but I wish I could last longer 😩

Die With Me

Cool idea too many people not speaking English though....


First I can't use this because my iPhone 4s will stop working under20%.So...but I try this on android.Its interesting,that's truth .I like it

Cool concept

I'm only here because of a post I saw on iFunny (shameless plug)

Cool idea

But it takes forever to update messages half the time it just stayed there frozen and then it would just blow up with like 3000 messages

Make the battery percentage higher

Make it to be at like 15%


Why does it have to be 4% so you can enter the chat 😑 so limiting. This app needs serious work to reach its potential.

Big bag of nope

Unless u like ur phone cursing at u in Japanese I wouldn’t recommend spending the money on this app.

Best app ever

Yes Please make different chat rooms based on language. That would make it a lot more relatable

Wish there was regional servers

It was kinda fun waiting all day for my phone to finally get low enough to get into chat. Once I did i couldn't really talk to anyone though cause it seemed like 75% of the people talking were talking in a foreign language. There were a few other English speakers but it was impossible to have a conversation.

Bad app

I got banned within 10 minutes

Keep crashing

Well this is no fun.. I spent money on an app that crashes when I put my name in.. refund please.

It keeps crashing

It crashes without me being able to do anything

0 stars

Waste of your money AND TIME even though it’s only $1, so I buy it wait a whole decade for my phone to get below 5% and the app crashes! TRAGIC


whenever i type in my name i can’t get into the chat it just automatically crashes


Die with me app keeps kicking me out any ideas why??




It crashed too many time and I can’t even chat and the app is closed every time.it Needs update to fix this bugs

Okay app... maybe

I decided to wait a couple days to try this app out, when I finally got down to 5% on my iPhone X I was kinda surprised it had support for the new iPhone especially with all the reviews saying it would crash. I got into the chat room and was instantly disappointed as racist, sexual, and so many different languages being thrown around. I didn’t think this app is worth at all.

Will get great use

This is a really unique app. I cannot wait for the conversations the first time around. To the developers: Be sure to correct the spelling of LTE from LET.

App crashes every time

i’m not sure if it’s because the new update? But every time I open up the app, asked me for my name, because I never used it before, and then it just crashes after entering the name. what do i do

???? Crashes ????

Will there be an update for the Force Close Fix??????????? 🤔




It’s crashing every time i open it


Just wait until 5%...


I love the concept! It’s funny, cool, and a really interesting idea. I just wish we could have a black keyboard and the *name* died icon like in the screenshots.

this app has changed my life

Now that I have downloaded this app it has completely changed my life.

Efing Kong

Never used it yet cause I always charge my phone. 😂 I bought it because there was a reddit post. 😂 I’m probably never gonna use this but reddit made it look cool. 😂 Wasted a dollar but who cares? 😂

This App is Life

I love the concept! Everyone I’ve come across is such a fun time. One thing I’d like to see as the app developed is maybe a “(username) Has Died” when they reach 0%. Like they do with online gaming and such. Amazing app!

Love it!

So much fun lol. A must try!

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